Suspension Cables

Line Ryder is a rope access company that excels in the maintenance, inspection and corrosion protection of stay cables for suspension structures.

Where we differ from other rope access companies is that we employ state of the art equipment and techniques to access and egress cables fast, thus saving our client's money by maximising the productive cable working time with the least manpower.

Services we provide

  • Installation and removal
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cable Tension Monitoring
  • CCTV surveys via mounted rolling cameras
  • Close Visual Inspection

Cable riding to work

Line Ryder has developed new methods of getting technicians up onto cables and rolling. Creating a unique set of lightweight alternatives to traditional karts and staging methods, we have also shrouded our devices in lightweight containments to protect the environment from the drips and debris inherent in cable work.

Every structure has individual requirements for access and work. Cable diameters, angle of inclination, cable length and the task to be carried out all have a bearing on the most efficient method of achieving goals. Through experience and innovation Line Ryder has developed a number of unique techniques and tools to accomplish efficiency when working with these variables.

For short cables or quick tasks such as greasing or inspection, Line Ryder's unique ‘Low Friction Sling' method is often preferred. Suitable for cables of all diameters and inclinations, this method gets a single rope technician rolling and working quickly. The setup time takes minutes. The specialist equipment involved only weighs 800grams and can be carried on a climber's harness. Ideal for cables where access to the top is challenging, the environmental impact of works carried out using this system can be contained.

For long cables and lengthy working it is generally more efficient to employ 2 technicians on a cable with a variety of work position options at their disposal. Longer working times, 360 degree vision without exertion and faster working speeds are all benefits. At Line Ryder we use our ‘Saddle' to achieve this.