Structural Steel

Welding on ropes is a hazardous undertaking. Correct management of those hazards is how such tasks become viable. At Line Ryder we have identified the need for specialist knowledge and a serious approach to rope access work on steel structures.

By their very nature the load tensions of tubular steel structures are high; supports spaced wide apart; surfaces are exposed and slippery; distances long; tasks repetitive; and wind is a daily if not hourly consideration. Providing a quality rope access service in this environment requires experience, planning, thorough training, innovation and a robust respect for the hazards. These are the hands, feet and heart of all our structural climbing.

Environmental Containment of Debris

Containing paint drips, welding spatter, materials or construction waste on tall structures can be tricky. With environmental responsibility being a matter of law as well as conscience the question is no longer why, but how. Line Ryder provides a bespoke service in undertaking works at height that require containment. Our logic follows that the closer to source ones protection barrier is established the smaller it needs to be.

So, we have designed a variety of highly portable containment systems that can be erected at height and also fulfill the following requirements:

  • They fit the structure securely
  • Protect third parties from falling objects.
  • Contain liquids and solid particles.
  • Fireproof or fire retardant if required
  • Lightweight
  • Able to be broken down to fit through access hatches or within confined spaces.
  • Able to be rigged in minutes