The further we get from traditional shaped buildings; the more atriums, elevated walkways or complex cladding systems we use the greater the need for bespoke systems of access to reach all areas.

Line Ryder was set up in 2010 to answer a need in the market for a Rope Access company capable of taking on the very technical and difficult challenges at height.

Though we were small, we knew from the start that we had innovation and a deep pool of experience to draw upon. We also firmly believed that in order to provide a truly bespoke service one needs to listen properly, be adaptable and honest.

Painting cables that hold up the Wembley Arch was a good beginning. We then went on to assist with structural maintenance and inspection throughout the Wembley Stadium, where we met other contractors and developed many wonderful symbiotic relationships. In three short years our friendly and capable approach has led us to work on many great structures.

We are always looking for great Rope Techs please send your CV to recruitment@lineryder.com